Capturing the originality and Mediterranean flair of Istria has been one of our main goals when developing this project. Therefore, the materials for the construction and interior come almost exclusively from the direct surroundings - including both sandstone from nearby Kanfanar to heat up in summer and warm your feet - as well as noble Italian sanitary ware.

Protecting the
environment while
saving costs

The concept of low-energy has been integrated into the planning and construction of both buildings from the very beginning. The use of modern solar technology will keep ongoing energy costs low and protect the environment. This way, originality, sustainability and state-of-the-art architecture blend seamlessly.

Building materials from the nearby surroundings:

  • Concept of low-energy - the estate achieved A+ energy efficiency certificate
  • Constantly low-level energy costs - efficient and low-consumption floor & ceiling heating and cooling system, all-LED lightning throughout the estate
  • Usage of solar energy
  • Sustainability as a principle