Pole position at
the adriatic coast

Only a few hours’ comfortable ride from Southern Germany, Austria, Slovenia or Northern Italy - and yet a completely different world: our residential project is located on Istria's southeast coast, in the former fishing village of Rabac, surrounded by the riviera of the Kvarner Bay, with a view oriented towards islands and southern point of the Istrian peninsula. This magical place is still a travelers insider tip. Here, the cliffs fall steep into the sea, the seashores have a silver shine and the people, who have been living on fishing and coal mining for centuries, have even temper.

Rabac and Labin

It is no wonder we picked Rabac, a dreamy seaside town dipped into calm waters of a picturesque Adriatic bay, for building our residential oasis ISTRA FORTUNA. Embraced by both sea and land, only a few minutes walk from pearly beaches and equally close to town center, shops and restaurants, our perfect sweet spot lays within a calm green area with a magic view. The future development of the nearby area includes a car-free village square with a church and small shops. With a mild climate of the whole area, it is indeed a luxurious refuge even in seasons beyond summer time.

Only 5 kilometers away from Rabac, the historic center of Labin, at an altitude of 320 meters, allows a great view down to the coast and also back into a long and moving past. Already during the New Stone Age, people began settling in the area. Later, the Roman historian Titus Livius, noted that Labin (former Albona) was the home of buccaneer and pirates. In late 19th and a good part of 20th century it was the coal mining centre of the region, and - well noted in history - a place where the first rebellion against fascism happened, as early as 1921. Nowadays the people here still have a freedom-loving, though not at all predacious attitude. Witness it when you pass through the "Porta Sanfior” gate and enter a medieval setting, busy with artist workshops, museums and small cafes.