Istrian Peninsula, positioned in the sweet spot of Northern Mediterranean, feels so close to all major European roadways it seems like a dreamy suburb of metropolitan areas of Munich, Vienna or Budapest. A perfect getaway - for a weekend, holiday or long summer vacation. The eastern coast - in particular - still in harmony with nature, with many untouched spots of pure beauty. No matter if you love the sunny bluish seaside or green inland filled with scents, the place is made for enjoyment and spending a part of the year away from everyday crowded places and commitments.


As rich in its history as any worldwide popular Mediterranean destination, Istria somehow loves to hold parts of it to itself. Of course, many know about great Roman Amphitheater in Pula or Euphrasia Basilica in Poreč, however Istria’s true gems usually lay deeply hidden in ancient fortified towns in peninsula’s inland. For instance - Istria's oldest medieval town is Labin, just a few kilometers from Rabac. With its historic churches, fortifications, renaissance palaces and marvelous panoramic view, it is a culturally precious treasure.


Rarely one can imagine a laid-back Mediterranean vacation in the warmer part of the year without a sea view. However, Istrian countryside is something to explore and reveal, again and again. While holding its beauty throughout the year, it is especially irresistible in late spring and early fall, with vivid colors, intense natural scents and delicious fruits of the fertile red soil. As if it was created for enjoyment, Istrian countryside is equally attractive to ones looking for activities, for artistical spirits and for ones whose principal enjoyment is great gastronomy and a glass of top quality wine.


Since it is surrounded by the crystal clear Adriatic sea from South, West and East, no matter where you are in Istra, nearly all paths lead towards seaside. Well known and highly popular destinations on the Western and Southern coast of the peninsula are surely great spots for the ones enjoying urban atmosphere of public beaches, but for the ones who appreciate nature over everyday crowd, the Eastern coast is the direction they need to choose. More steep and wild than in other parts of Istria, almost untouched and surrounded by green forests of pines and Mediterranean herbs, this coast reminds us that you can merge yourself with true nature, even in this part of the planet.


If you are a true adventurous spirit and like to explore the hidden and yet unseen places, you will definitely not be bored in Istria! There are so many things to unveil that no tourist guide or promotional brochure writes about, yet all of them with no shortage of attractiveness. Take a ride through the peninsula and find out about the legends of witches and sorcerers, visit the birthplace of infamous vampire Jure Grando or find the spots that inspired Jules Verne and James Joyce to write great novels about this magical part of Europe.