Frequently asked questions

The apartment will be available for you from 15:00 (3 PM) on arrival date, in particular cases and based on availability you can gladly check in earlier.

Please hand over the apartment until latest 11:00 (11 AM) on your departure date, in particular cases and based on availability you can gladly check out later. For any late check-out requests, please contact the reception in advance, during working hours.

In our residence of an energy efficiency category A+, cooling and heating of the apartments is provided through ceiling and floor, whereas supplementary fan coilers support the system in case of high air humidity levels. Operation and control of the air conditioning system is performed by a central building control system, please contact the reception during working hours for any individual wishes or modifications of the optimal set values and temperatures.

You will find bathrobes and slippers in the wardrobe of each occupied bedroom in the apartment.

Erste Banka Rabac, HR-52221 Rabac, Obala Marsala Tita 24, MO-FR 09:00-15:00
ATM Erste Banka- HR-52221 Rabac, Obala Marsala Tita 24

The beaches in Rabac are mainly structured in form of bays and lagoons of various sizes and stretch over a total distance of 12 km to the left and right side of the Residence ISTRA. Some of the lagoons provide sun loungers and umbrellas on surcharge and can be reached by walking along the beach promenade or by car (for the further ones). Please also see the map for Rabac and the surrounding region provided in your information folder. The closest beach in form of a lagoon (St. Andrea Beach) is located within few walking minutes from Residence ISTRA. From the main entrance of the residence, please follow the road straight ahead downwards (cross the main road at the zebra-crossing and follow the road downhill) until you reach the beach promenade.

Bedclothes will be available for you in the apartment on your arrival date and automatically changed within a stay for more than one week. If you would like a supplementary changing of bedsheets, please agree upon terms and conditions at the reception one day in advance, during working hours.

You are welcome to deposit your bicycles free of charge in our underground garage of the residence. In this regard, please use parking space no. 08 ISTRA FORTUNA, located in the visual angle of the surveying camera.

For the daily boat chartering of small boats and speedboats, we had a good experience with AQUAMARIS +385 (0)91 580 75 74 and MERLO BOATS RABAC, +385 (0) 95 534 7699

Catholic Church St. Andrea Rabac, at the beach promenade across the St. Andrea Beach, Sunday Mass during the summer season.
Catholic Parish Church of Blessed Virgin Mary's Birth in Labin, within the Old Town walls, Sunday Mass all year.

For the ILLY espresso machine in the apartment you can gladly use the provided coffee capsules in the kitchen drawers on your arrival day. More ILLY capsules you can buy at our reception during working hours (single amounts or complete box with 21 pcs. EUR 0,90/ piece).

We accept Visa, Master Card, Diners Club und Maestro/ EC- cards. Please consider that your individual bank or credit card institutes can charge commissions between 0-6% of the total paid amounts, which we cannot influence and which we also do not receive for our benefit. Also due to the individual exchange rates of your bank or credit card institutes, relevant currency exchange rate differences may occur, which we cannot influence and for which we cannot be held liable.

The instruction manual for the electrical appliances within the apartment can be found in the TV- cabinet in the living room. ILLY Espresso machine- turn on the lateral 0/I switch, wait until the blue lights stop blinking and then push the button for small or double espresso. If you want to modify the quantity and dosage of the cup, push the chosen button and hold it pressed until you have reached the desired quantity, which will be automatically memorized for you until further modification. Water kettle- with the eco-friendly water kettle you can heat quantities of water between 200 ml and 1,5 l of water. For a small quantity of hot water press the round knob on the top of the kettle and hold it down until the water level has reached the desired marking, then push the heating clap on the lower part of the kettle to start heating. If you want to heat up the complete water quantity in the kettle, press the round knob on the top of the kettle and hold it down, at the same time turning it clockwise until it is fixed in position, then push the heating clap on the lower part of the kettle to start heating. Oven plate- on the cooking surface you can find the central switch Θ or 0/I, press and hold this button until all other buttons on the surface light up. Then you can operate the individual cooking surfaces with the +/- buttons, in order to control the heat intensity and cooking temperatures.

All emergency exits are clearly marked and easy to recognise, please note also the available evacuation plans in the apartments and the public areas. Emergency buttons for the local fire brigade, as well as fire extinguishers are located on every floor in the central area of the stairways.

We are collecting and preserving all your misplaced or forgotten items within the residence, please ask for information at the reception or by telephone if necessary. All items will be preserved over the entire season within our residence.

Parking spaces in our underground garage with lift are available for EUR 10,-/ day and each apartment is provided with a designated parking space. Please close the garage gate every time after using it.
Public outdoor parking spaces are available free of charge in the nearby surrounding, across the residence.

The garbage collection point is located in the small stone house on the lateral side of the building, across the garage entrance gate. We kindly ask for separation of garbage into household waste (green bin), plastic (yellow bin), paper (blue bin) and glass (green/ round bin for all sorts of glass).

Golf Resort SKIPPER ADRIATIC (1 hour’s drive), registration in advance is required. Contact: HR- 52475, Crveni Vrh, +385 (0) 52 707 100, www.golf-adriatic.com

The apartment will be cleaned for you on arrival and on departure day, whereas a one-time amount of EUR 75,-/ apartment will be charged for final cleaning services. If you would like to have an additional general cleaning of the apartment during your stay, for a fee of EUR 50,-/ apartment, please contact the reception during working hours one day in advance.

Our free of charge wireless LAN is available throughout the residence. Network: Istra Guest, password: Istra2016. Disclaimer- guests are personally liable for all their retrieved and downloaded contents.

Supplementary services and costs for parking spaces, additional housekeeping, laundry service, coffee capsules etc. can be registered on the invoice for your apartment and compensated on the departure day. Invoices can be paid in cash (KUNA or EURO) or by credit card (see also Credit cards) at the reception of Residence ISTRA.

If you should need ironing accessories, please contact the reception during working hours and they will gladly provide an iron and an ironing table upon request.

We can gladly offer laundry service in the residence, for a fee of EUR 5,-/ washing load of approx. 7 kg (laundry will be sorted by colours), please contact the reception during working hours in this regard. You can use the available laundry bag/ sack from the hallway wardrobe for this purpose. A drying rack for drying your laundry and towels is available in the hallway wardrobe of each apartment- please make use of it and do not hang any items over the balcony glass rail.

Town and Mining Museum Labin, HR-52220 Labin, Ulica 1. Maja 6, +385 (0) 52 852 477 History Museum Palaca Battaiala-Lazzarini, HR-52220 Labin, Šetalište San Marco 77 Museum Matija Vlacic Ilirik (antic regional history), HR-52220 Labin, Ulica Aldo Negri 16

A variety of foreign language newspapers and magazines, as well as international tobacco products can be found daily at the TISAK marked kiosks. The closest available TISAK kiosk is located on the harbour promenade, next to the Rabac Port Authority.

Please check our homepage www.istrafortuna.com in the BLOG section, as well as the information within the guest map in your apartment, containing recommendations, tips and maps for various activities and excursions in the surrounding region (hiking trails, bike tours, boat trips, Istrian inland, etc.). Our reception team will be glad to support you with any further details you might need. Island excursions in the region (Island Cres, Losinj, Rab, Krk) are offering amazing experiences for a day journey and can be easily organised by using the ferryboats of the JADROLINIJA company. The car ferries have several daily departures to and from the islands, for schedule and ticket reservation please consult www.jadrolinija.hr/en/, +385 (0) 51 666 111.

The nearest petrol station can be found in the town of Labin- INA Petrol Station: HR- 52220 Labin, Zelenice 43 (main road through Labin), non-stop opening hours. CRODUX Petrol Station: HR- 52220 Labin, Dubrova bb, Sv. Nedjelja (main road at the entrance/ exit of Labin), non-stop opening hours during summer season.

As a general rule, pets within the residence are not allowed. Please contact us for any exceptional regulations in this regard.

Copies up to the size DIN A3 black-white or coloured can be provided in urgent situations at the reception desk. The same is valid also for scanning of documents, however we cannot provide any fax transmission services.

If you might need supplementary pillows and blankets, please contact the reception during working hours one day in advance, so that our housekeeping staff can deliver the desired articles to your apartment on the next day.

We had good experience with the delivery service from Pizzeria Napoli Labin, flyer with offer and prices is available in your information map, +385 (0) 52 852 261, www.pizzeria-napoli.com.hr, MO-SU 08:00-23:00

The post office is located at the starting point of the harbour promenade in Rabac, HR-52221 Rabac, Ulica Marsala Tita, +385 0800 303 304, www.posta.hr, MO-FR 08:00-20:00

Our reception and the Welcome Lounge are operating from MO-SU between 08:00-20:00 during the high season and our team will be pleased to offer any support within a wide range of inquiries which might be helpful to you.
Outside the working hours of the reception, for emergency cases or exceptional situations you can contact one of our team members on the mobile number +385 (0) 91 185 2067.

We had good experience with:
LA PENTOLA- Trattoria and Grill within BEAT Beach Club, HR-52221 Rabac, Ulica Marsala Tita 75 (harbour promenade, just below Residence ISTRA), +385 (0) 52 388 304, www.valamar.com/hr/rabac-beat- pentola-craft, MO-SU 11:00-24:00
PETEANI- Mediterranean/ Gourmet, HR-52220 Labin, Ulica Aldo Negri 9, +385 (0) 52 388 302, www.hotel-peteani.hr, MO-SU 10:00-23:00
NOSTROMO- Fish/ Mediterranean, HR-52221 Rabac, Obala Marsala Tita 7, +385 (0) 52 872 601, www.nostromo.hr, MO-SU 10:00-23:00
DUE FRATELLI-Mediterranean/ Fish/ Grill on open fireplace, HR-52220 Labin, Montozi 6, +385 (0) 52 853 577, MO-SU 12:00-23:30
THE BEAT- Bar and Beach Club, HR-52221 Rabac, Ulica Marsala Tita 75 (harbour promenade, just below Residence ISTRA), +385 (0) 52 465 000, www.valamar.com/hr/rabac-beat- pentola-craft, MO-SU 09:00-24:00
MOVIE BAR- Cocktails and Lounge, Ulica Marsala Tita 81 (harbour promenade), +385 (0) 99 661 3874, www.moviebar.hr, MO-SU 09:00-01:00

The nearest larger city comprising a historic old town centre as well as a variety of options for shopping and procurements is Labin.
RABAC- Market JEDINSTVO, 50 meters downhill our residence, across the bus station. Basic offer of daily fresh products and groceries, MO- SU 07:00-21:00.
Market RADOJKA, 100 meters uphill our residence, on the right side of the street, reachable over the stone stairs of the building. Basic offer of daily fresh products and groceries, MO- SU 07:00-21:00.
Supermarket JEDINSTVO, HR-52221 Rabac, Obala Marsala Tita 24, at the starting point of the harbour promenade, substantial offer of daily fresh products and groceries, MO- SU 07:00-22:00.
LABIN- Supermarket PLODINE, HR- 52231 Štrmac D66, MO- SU 07:00-22:00. Shopping Center KONZUM, HR-52220 Labin, Istarska Ulica 13, incl. underground garage and shops (for ex. Intersport), MO- SU 08:00-21:00.
Supermarket LIDL, HR-52220 Labin, Zelenice Ulica 41, MO- SU 08:00-22:00. Farmer’s market and fish market with regional and seasonal products and groceries, HR-52220 Labin, Antona Selana 9, MO-SU 06:30-13:00.

We kindly ask you to always use a pool towel for the sun loungers on the pool deck. In consideration to other guests, please do not occupy the sun loungers on the pool deck in advance, if you are not currently using them.

The pool area is permanently accessible for you, we kindly ask only for the consideration of nightly resting times. The pool deck during summer season will be lighted until 02:00 during the night. With a water level of 1,35 m, the pool will be accessed at your own risk and parents are liable for their children in this regard. For security reasons it is forbidden to take and use glasses, glass bottles or other breakable items on the pool deck, please make use of disposable bottles, cans and single-use dishware. We kindly ask you not to leave any pool towels on the pool deck, as these will not be automatically collected and exchanged for you; you will only receive fresh towels upon exchanging the used ones (see also Towels/ Pool towels).

Swimsuits and exposing beachwear within the public interior areas, the reception area and office area of the residence are not desired.

If you might need a taxi/ cab we will be glad to organise one for you, please contact the reception in advance during working hours, as a reservation in due time is highly recommended during summer season.
We had a good experience with: Taxi IZABEL +385 (0) 98 505 750, Taxi JEDINICA +385 (0) 98 981 3300, www.taxi-jedinica.com (24 hours, also German language).

You can book the tennis courts of ZISCHKA SPORT company in the close proximity of our residence, +385 (0) 98 320 997, www.zischka.at, providing 12 clay courts with floodlight.
Tennis Courts MASLINICA, +385 (0) 52 872 258, www.maslinica-rabac.com, providing 6 clay courts with floodlight are also available for you.

Toilet paper is available for you in the apartment, if you might need supplementary supplies during your stay please contact the reception during working hours one day in advance in this regard. You will receive the necessary supplies from our housekeeping staff, on the next morning.

If you need clean towels or pool towels during the duration of your stay, please contact the reception during working hours, one day in advance. You will receive fresh towels during the next morning from our housekeeping staff and in exchange, you can hand over the used towels at the same time. Please use the provided pool towels only for the sun loungers on the pool deck and do not take them outside the residence. Please do not hang towels or any other items over the balcony rail and instead use the available drying rack from the hallway wardrobe for this purpose.

Please use the CH/ Channel List buttons on your remote control in order to have an overview upon the program table. Radio stations are also available via the television.

Please find in the apartment our offer for in-house wellness procedures and therapies in the according brochure, reservations and registration in advance is desired in this regard.

We will be pleased to accept new reservations already during the duration of your stay or otherwise through direct contact on our homepage www.istrafortuna.com. We can also gladly submit a customized offer upon direct contact on our e-mail office@istrafortuna.com. We are looking forward to all guest suggestions and wishes and appreciate every feedback and review coming from your side. Naturally, we are constantly trying to take all suggestions into consideration, in order to adapt our offer and services as much as possible to our guest´s desires.