Croatian tourism has been developing throughout the second half of 20th century - therefore, on the Adriatic coast we can often see extraordinary buildings that have a kind of unique retro-futuristic charm. Ever since the days of Tito’s socialist regime, frames have been the major architectural shape in forming touristic resorts on Croatian coast. When designing Istra Fortuna estate, we have found the inspiration in re-interpreting the frames and giving them a more useful role, while keeping in mind the design trends of contemporary 21st century architecture.


With inspiration in frames, we took the design and equipment of all our apartments to another level. Colors that we use correspond to natural colors of Istrian peninsula - copper red soil, pearl white pebble beaches, light grey stones and azure sea - all carefully combined to provide pleasurable cosiness for the eye. High technology solutions are a standard in all our appliances and electronic equipment, and modern furnishing is, of course, made of top-quality and resistant materials, in order to both last longer and be visually appealing. Frame construction also provides visual privacy, due to shifted balconies and promoted the idea of full discretion for each apartment - as if you are on an island, keeping distance from people’s curiosity. Our apartments are - therefore - named after beautiful Adriatic islands.


Rent an apartment and try out the place - or move right in! There is a turnkey concept for each property, with fully furnished and equipped interiors in “Zeitgeist” customized design. For every aspect of further operation of your property, an all-carefree full service concept, reaching from maintenance and housekeeping, over facility and property management and taking care of the optional rent out of your property is available. Yours is only to enjoy the luxurious refuge made for all seasons - even beyond summer time! It is hard to believe, but it is true - owning your own holiday home can be almost free of charge with a rent out option.